Daniel Pink teach us in his book Drive that we need to focus in the process not the goal. Let me try to explain in a dummy way, for example, when you have a stupid goal like… buying a Ferrari, you’ll only celebrate it for a few weeks, cuz what’s really motivated you was the sacrifice, the hard work, not the brown sugar leather seat. After you achieved… that’s it! Keep moving forward.


“Don’t be such a pussy…” – Donald Trump


When you get what you want, you loose your motivation. And we all know this seek for “happiness” journey will never end, that’s why everybody teaches you to always search for new goals… Not just the self esteem gurus, but many (famous) companies work with this “philosophy” to retain employees and suck their souls with long (life) term plans.


“Every Ferrari in the garage becomes a Beetle” – Me


Yes, you’re already understand that you will never be happy, because you’ll never be satisfied and you will always want more. I know we’re humans and work like that, but this is not 100% true. There’s a way to really become motivated for the rest of your life and I’ll teach you (as your new guru)…


“Look for the good” – Justin Bieber


The latest researches discovered that you be happier if you spent your money with experiences or goods that fulfill your (empty) inner self, like trip to South America or play a video game (hobby). So, is this the meaning of life? No… absolutely not, just more bullshit, for one simple reason: those actions are still ephemeral! The experiences and hobbies are still a Google for inner answers or some kind of relief valve, but the REAL answer is inside… you (not in the guts)!


“Tell me more. Tell me more.” – John Travolta


So I find out in the MIT (my individual time) that you’ll only feel happy for real and for a long term… when you help others! That’s the only and unique way to fulfill the soul, to reach the real state of grace (Buddha). The Ferrari and your tennis racket will perish along the time, but helping others will make you feel like the world have gratitude for you.. always!


“Trust me.” – O J. Simpson


I can tell you by experience, the more you help, more the Universe will help you back. You don’t need numbers to trust and become a better person, just do it bitch. 


“I believe I can fly.” – Michael Jordan


Your life and your business need a purpose and the best one is change the world for better. As an entrepreneur (which I hope you’re) you naturally do charity, because you will always have to serve people (law of supply and demand) to create value, but that’s not enough. First because you can choose a lame product to sell (like sugar soda) and second you probably not adding nothing relevant to your community.


“I’ll save you from yourself.” – Hitler


You don’t need to sell armbands to salve the whales, but you can give something back to the ones in need, maybe (like I said) not as a product, but a reward for each sell you make. Like the company Tom’s, for each shoes they sell they give another to one poor child or like me, for every client I get, I give a free mentorship for someone in need. Now you know what you have to do and if you don’t have time or the skills you can hire me to help you 😀


Thanks for your time, you definitely used it better here.


Warn regards,
Roberto Pantoja