There’s no such thing as an original idea. Once I watched a shitty movie called Cloud Atlas, a mix of bad ideas with a nonlinear plot (that’s not a compliment).


“Matrix of hell!” – Hollywood Reporter


At some point, after living for some years in a house of a prestigious artist, a young apprentice created a music masterpiece. So he decides to move along by his own shoes and start a solo career, but when he decides to leave, the old man stop him and shout “you can’t go, this is not your work, it is our work! You stole it (by learning music) from me!”.


“Yes, every creator is a thief!” – Austin Kleon


Since a few years ago I already understood that I have to produce content to become relevant in this world, but for that I need to steal art from all types of artists to make my own. Like…


“Meu nome é Ricardo Jordão, vamô pras cabeça!” – Ricardo Jordão

One of my 2016 heroes, a Brazilian lunatic named Ricardo Jordão spoke to me (I felt that way) in one of his hundreds Youtube videos to buy the book “Steal like an Artist”. During the reading I felt amazed, everything that I believe was there, was great to discover that I was right. The pages explained one by one how to transform you in a master chief executive guru CEO motherfucker.


Hold your seat my friend, now it’s my time to learn!


“Steal from a thief…” – Barack Obama


Tony Robbins did the same in his self-esteem “novel” Unlimited Power, but using a different kind of animal: neurolinguistics code. The short version is… you need to copycat some genius to become one of them, then take some time and you will discover your authenticity.


Really, but how?


“Just do it.” – Red Bull


– Study everything


There are many different kinds of art, like: books, music, games, comics, movies, etc. And you can learn from all of them, creativity is not about a solid creation, but a Frankenstein of insights.


– Copycat


Be like Tony Robbins, observe the world around you (design thinking feelings) to understand how people become what they are! Mimic a basketball player to play like one.


– Become an author


Copycat is only the beginning, now you have to draw your own moves. Don’t be afraid to create content, stop reading books and start to write one. Don’t worry: 99,999% of the world are as lame as you, but when you create something will start to become something.


– Pretend


Now that you have your own work, it’s time to pretend you’re special, like I’m trying to do right now (and it’s working). Act like a superstar, for example: you can make your own congress where you’re the attraction.


– Star


Time is the answer for you to become what you want (be a better copycat). In a few years people start to believe in your lies and will see the real you. One mix of stealing content with something original: the real you.


“I’m for real.” – Donald Trump


Now you can do what I did, steal from two books to write your own and better content. I hope you liked and steal from me.


Warn regards,
Roberto Pantoja