Did you remember, several years ago, when we discovered the Internet and felt amazed by the way Google created (bought from a small company) a new kind of advertisement? Google Adwords was something really surprising. For the first time we could predict our ROI (Return Over Investment) and a whole new world arrived:hello, I’m (better) online marketing, nice to meet you.


Times passes by as fast as hell!


More than a decade had passed and we still believe in the same system. The same way we used to see a billboard as an outdated ad, we have to start to see Adwords and Facebook Ads too… Here’s why:


It’s complex.


An average Joe will never be capable of creating a simple campaign on Google Adwords. It’s hard and needs an impressive knowledge. The book Google Adwords for Dummies has more than 400 pages!


It needs a certificate.


Google made something so complex (by purpose, I assume) that you need courses, live training and different certificates. They have created a new business: education. Made a community and followers to preserve the status quo.




We can see those numbers on Google Adwords’s dashboard and we know it means that we spent a lot of bucks and got something, but it doesn’t look right or plausible. We just have to trust (of course it is not a scam), but it’s not easy to follow too. Yes, I know it´s impossible to ensure ROI, but if Google spent so little (adsense) why not committing a lot more.


It’s expensive.


Yes, if you do the right thing you will get a lot of leads, but we know it doesn’t work that way, you have a thousands of trails and errors to start something or to give up.


It’s always your fault!


It’s so technical and complicated that you always blame yourself (the perfect plan). And if you complain, people (certificated Google fanboys) will just say you’re a dumbass and tell you to hire a professional (f**k off).


Adsense sucks!


Everybody knows that the content producers are underpaid. Some youtubers and bloggers must have millions viewers to get some peanuts. Don’t be such selfish maniac Google, with this last argument there are no more excuses, you’re not a kid anymore, it’s time to share.


And it’s time to move on…


The world now is led by results, so if I have to use a success fee to serve my client, why Google (and Facebook) doesn’t? Business men start to question online marketing itself, we need something new, easy to understand, measure and get return. Who can help us? Superman? The next unicorn?

I hope you enjoyed… as I did it! 🙂

Roberto Pantoja