First the Instagram Stories, then the Whatsapp, so the Messenger and… finally the Facebook!


Snapchat me – Mark Zuckerberg


Gary Vee said (many times) the social media have different kinds of animals with unique costumers. The instagramers love the status, whatsappers prefer the intimacy of the close friends and the messengers looks like a cold lead tribe.


Startup me – Gary Vee


That’s why copycat Snapchat only works in some apps, cuz your aunt care (a lot) if her picture will vanish in 24h in Whatsapp, only shares with parents and probably must salve all her data. Yet the Messenger is too cold to someone waste their time stalking, only Instagram Stories snapchatting works just fine for (envious) the crowd…. and now the new Facebook Stories are walking the same path, but better.


My products are too expensive for you, mortal.- Elon Musk


Facebook lost the family appeal years ago, first for Instagram and then to Whatsapp. Now Facebook is the new mass media, as you can see nobody cares today for newspapers, we all prefer fake news to waste time with TV. That’s why Facebook fits so well in the new Stories system.

Facebook ADs > Google Adwords

For example, with the same pictures, in just 12 hours 450 people watched my live posts on Facebook Stories, was more than twice the audience on my Instagram Stories, yet the Whatsapp and Messenger Stories had only 35 views. I can’t foresee the future, but I can bet the Facebook Stories will be the next big thing.


Now that you understand the Facebook Stories buzz, you can learn 5 ways to use this great new tool.


– Show your life to become more human to your clients.

– Build a community around your brand.

– Enjoy this unique opportunity to ad your company.

– Show your company life (employees, consumers, partners, creation process and products).

– Mentor your costumers with business tips.


What about Snapchat? They are trying to become the next television and this is sooo 1950. Nobody cares, sorry Beach (Valley) Boys, but now it´s your turn to seek for the next big thing.


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Warn regards,
Roberto Pantoja