4 Secrets to Create a B2B Beast Sales Machine

Every week I make my homework, I shot three videos to YouTube, one article to my business blog (here :D) and also a newsletter ever two weeks. I can tell this work just fine, since I have three to five hot leads (business meetings) per week, but this works for me, right?

Google Adwords MUST die!

Did you remember, several years ago, when we discovered the Internet and felt amazed by the way Google created (bought from a small company) a new kind of advertisement? Google Adwords was something really surprising. For the first time we could predict our ROI (Return Over Investment) and a whole new world arrived:hello, I’m (better) online marketing, nice to meet you.

I know the REAL answer for happiness! You don’t!

When you have what you want, you lost your motivation. And we all know this seek for “happiness” journey will never end, that’s why everybody teach you to always search for new goals… Not just the self esteem gurus, but many (famous) companies work with this “philosophy” to retain employees and suck their souls with long (life) term plans.

How Google killed the apps…

A few days ago Google made his 2016 0/I conference, in this event (as usual) were released new products and features for Android, but something really important happened so fast that nobody noticed! They changed the whole internet ecosystem (once again) with a new thing called… instant apps!