Every week I do my homework, I shot three videos to my YouTube channel, write one article to my business blog (here :D) and also a newsletter every two weeks. I can tell that this strategy works just fine, since it generates three to five hot leads (business meetings) per week, but this works for me, right?


Yes, I know how to reach my clients, but I learned in my practical experience that there is no such thing as a recipe in this (or any) business model. Even so I can help to you to discover your own way to grow your sales.

For the past few years I took a lot of courses and studied tons of materials about B2B sales, the more I learned, more I realized nobody knows anything (Jon Snow feelings). The world’s sales publications leaders have less than ten (really) good posts, most of them are just shallow. This means that there’s no roadmap, but… advices.


1 – Just do it motherfuckers


You have to copycat your grandma, get out of the building (or the magic world of internet) and use your fancy shoes to sell face to face (marketing one to one). You need an action plan to visit X companies per week and know by heart your conversion rate.


2 – Old-school


People buy from another people (P2P), people only buy from a computer when you offer something cheap or that behaves like a commodity. As a B2B company, it’s your job to grab large contracts and to do that you need to know how to sell yourself first.


3 – Party hard


Not only you need to attend corporate events, but also parties. Your clients are everywhere, but mainly in the best places. You need to build a network to sell yourself to your new friends.


4 – Like a boss bitch


Yes, I’m not stupid, I know you can use an online sales funnel to increase your revenue and create an online relationship with your customers. And even if the company´s decision maker doesn’t waste his time on the internet (I can assure you that he doesn’t, he prefers fake news), his junior influencer consume online content every day, just like you did right now.


Yes, I believe we need to share sales experiences that worked, so be my guest and show your road map in the comments. Even (as we learned) if doesn’t fit, will help others with insights and if you are still lost on how to design your sales strategy… contact me!


Luv U!